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How to Avoid Boredom in Your Recovery?

Feeling bored is something we’ve all experienced, and it seems innocuous enough. However, boredom is a challenging issue for those in recovery — especially during the early stages. When a person is newly sober, they


Can I beat addiction on my own?

Understanding Self-Directed Recovery Defining Addiction and Its Challenges Addiction is a multifaceted condition that grips individuals in a complex web of physical dependence, psychological cravings, and behavioral compulsions. It’s a chronic disorder that can hijack


Understanding Holistic Addiction Treatment

A Comprehensive Approach to Recovery In the realm of addiction recovery, finding a treatment approach that addresses the multifaceted nature of substance use is crucial. At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, we offer a comprehensive strategy that treats


How Outdoor Activities Can Enhance Recovery

The Healing Effects of the Great Outdoors The journey to recovery is multi-faceted and deeply personal. At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, we understand that healing transcends the boundaries of conventional therapy rooms. Nature offers a unique