Your Path To Healing Starts at Mt. Sinai
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Why Structured Routines Help People with Addictions

One of the first things people learn when they check into rehab for drug or alcohol addiction is the importance of creating a routine. Initially, this is something that is required in rehab – at Mount Sinai Wellness Center, for instance, a typical day in our inpatient program involves planned activities from 6 in the morning until 9 at night. Some people might be resistant to schedules, especially if you lacked structure in your life before, but there are many benefits of routines that can help you manage your life in recovery.

One major benefit of a routine is that it can set a rhythm to your days that readjusts your body and mind in a healthy way. If you were addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s likely that your life revolved around obtaining and using the drug you were addicted to, but by having a distinct schedule, you can make time for sleeping, eating, and exercise – all daily habits that individuals should be practicing to live healthy lives.

Another reason why scheduling out your day is helpful if you’re in recovery is that it can prevent you from being bored or restless. People in the early stages of recovery have an especially hard time navigating boredom because their thoughts may drift to alcohol or drugs, and they may feel tempted to use to fill that time. By having activities to look forward to every day, you’ll have less time to fixate on these old, destructive habits.

Finally, routines can help you get reacquainted with yourself. After long-term addiction, individuals may discover that they no longer have strong relationships with their loved ones after pushing them away, and they may not have any hobbies because they filled their time with drugs. By making time to learn or try new things or connect with others, people in recovery can reestablish stability in their lives and explore things besides drugs that make them feel happy or loved.

Daily & Weekly Routines to Consider

Our team at Mount Sinai Wellness Center has a broad list of things to consider adding to your daily or weekly routines to encourage healthy habits with the understanding that every person is different. You don’t necessarily have to follow everything on this list; you may even want to try out as many things as possible to discover what helps you get through the day.

Your daily routine may include some of the following activities:

  • Set wake-up times (don’t forget to set your alarm!)
  • Morning meditation or journaling
  • Set meal times
  • Chores, such as laundry or doing the dishes
  • Daily exercise, whether it be yoga, a team sport, or a walk around your neighborhood
  • Hobbies like crafting or reading
  • Family time
  • Evening ritual such as having tea before bedtime

It can also be helpful to plan out your weeks and schedule regular meetings or goals that you can achieve. Downloading a scheduling app or using a planner can help you outline your weeks in advance and know what to aim for.

Some examples of positive weekly routines include:

  • Exercise schedule if you’re not exercising every day
  • Attending weekly therapy sessions
  • Attending weekly support group meetings
  • Making time for socializing with others outside your household like friends or coworkers
  • Learning or practicing a new skill

There is no one right way to schedule your day or week. What matters is that the more time you’re intentionally investing in your health, the less time you have to slip into old, unhealthy habits.

Preparing Patients in Georgia for the Long Climb

Mount Sinai Wellness Center gives patients the space and privacy they need to recover from addiction. Our center sits on 43 acres of wilderness in Georgia, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, and our patients get to eat delicious and healthy meals on campus that are prepared by our 4-star chef.

Because our team knows that boredom and lack of structure provide opportunities for relapse, a typical day at our facilities is packed with scheduled activities that we can tailor to your needs and preferences. From morning to night our patients can be found in therapy, taking part in support groups, or meditating. If you’re ready to start learning healthy habits that can aid you after you’ve completed rehab, give us a call.

Mount Sinai Wellness Center offers inpatient treatment that gives each of our patients the structure they need to begin their recovery. Learn more by contacting our Georgia team online or by phone today at (800) 353-4673.