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Why You Should Consider Attending Rehab Farther from Home

When choosing a treatment program to address your substance addiction, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration — a big one being the location of the facility. You may be tempted to choose a program that is close to home and allows you to still be near your loved ones, but this isn’t always the best choice.

In fact, there are several benefits that come with attending rehab farther from home.

Reasons to Attend Rehab Out-of-Town

Create Space Between Stressors

One of the most common reasons people turn to addiction is to cope with the everyday stressors of life — trouble with family, financial struggles, work-related stress, etc. If you attend a rehab program close to home, you may still physically or mentally experience these stressors, inhibiting your recovery.

By choosing a program farther from home, you can create physical and psychological space between you and your stressors, allowing you to better focus on your recovery.

Exposure to Different Facilities

The right setting and facility make a big impact on the success of your recovery. Perhaps your only options for treatment in your area are outpatient programs or inpatient programs in a hospital.

Expanding your search and finding facilities that offer programs that better suit your needs can set you up for a better recovery journey.

Be Farther From Judgement

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma that surrounds addiction — so you may be concerned that attending a recovery program close to home will leave you open to judgment from peers and colleagues.

Rehab programs farther away from home offer a more discrete route to recovery, so you are safe from any negative commentary and can fully focus on your treatment.

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