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The Link Between ADHD and Addiction

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, is a diagnosis recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. Children and adults that are diagnosed with ADHD experience increased levels of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors. They also find it challenging to focus for extended periods of time and may be more likely to experience a substance abuse disorder.

Why Are People With ADHD More Likely To Have a Substance Abuse Disorder?

Those diagnosed with ADHD may be easily distracted, impulsive, or have poor judgment. ADHD has also been known to affect academic or work performances and have a negative impact on social performance.

Because of these symptoms, people with ADHD are at a greater risk for developing a substance use disorder. Some feel more inclined to turn to substances to combat the negative effects of ADHD or make them feel more comfortable in social situations.

Research has shown that people with ADHD have a lack of dopamine, which could also be a factor in leading to substance abuse.

Treating ADHD and Substance Use Disorder

Treating both ADHD and addiction is tricky to navigate because medications used to treat ADHD are often stimulants that can be habit-forming. It is important to monitor the use of prescription medications to ensure they are being taken properly and not being abused.

If your child has ADHD, it is important to be aware of the link between ADHD and addiction. Once you establish awareness, you can instill preventative measures in the home to benefit both you and your child. If you suspect there is a substance use disorder already established, seek professional help immediately.

How Mount Sinai Wellness Center Can Help

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