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Ideas for a Fun, Sober Summer Vacation

One of the most common misconceptions people have about individuals in recovery is that they’re boring. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because you no longer use drugs or drink doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. This summer, our team has provided a list of tips to keep in mind when planning your social activities or vacations that can ensure you still have a blast, all while staying safe.

Host Your Own 4th of July Barbecue

Your Independence Day can still have all the trappings of a typical barbecue while holding off on the alcohol. Consider planning your own event so you can control the scene by not allowing drinks and only inviting those who support you and your choices. Plan some outdoor games, buy fireworks, and get ready for a relaxing day, free of stressors.

Plan a Beach Getaway

Beach getaways don’t necessarily have to involve day drinking or all-night ragers. In fact, plenty of people go away to the beach to recharge and spend time alone with one’s thoughts. Plan a weekend getaway at a beach house with your partner or loved one and make sure you have hobbies and activities to keep yourself calm but busy. You might even want to consider turning off your phone for the weekend.

Spend Time with Your Support Group

The summertime is full of challenges for those in recovery, but it can help to bond with people who understand your struggles. If you’re in a support group and enjoy spending time with those in it, suggest hanging out outside of the group. Organize a dinner or ice cream social, or plan a board game night at someone’s house.

Try a New Outdoor Activity

If the summer weather is agreeable to you, think about trying a new outdoor activity or hobby that can get you outside and breathing the fresh air. Some examples include painting landscapes, bicycling, doing a water activity like canoeing or kayaking, or trying yoga in the park or at the beach. Soaking up some sun can help your mental health while you recover.

Have a Picnic

Picnics are underrated. Pack your favorite snacks and lunch items, throw a new book into your bag, and head to your local park, beach, or even your own backyard for a quiet afternoon. You can even plan a picnic with your family members or friends and take a nap on your blanket.

Call for Comprehensive Residential Addiction Treatment

Relapse happens. If you or a loved one need help getting back on track, look no further than Mount Sinai Wellness Center, where we provide a discrete, calming setting for those who wish to recover in a residential facility. Our beautiful campus is settled in nature and allows you to focus on your growth and recovery without unnecessary distractions. We also have a team of expert doctors and support staff to help you detox and guide you out of the darkness using a range of evidence-based methodologies.

Learn more about how we treat drug and alcohol addiction, as well as dual diagnoses, by contacting our team at Mount Sinai Wellness Center online or by phone at (800) 353-4673. We also offer pain management and medical detox services.