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Halloween Sobriety Safety Tips for People in Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Halloween night is supposed to be scary due to fun decorations and spooky movies. But for people who are recovering from alcohol addiction, the holiday can be twice as frightful due to the increase in temptations all around them. Halloween parties that serve an abundance of alcohol are quite common, after all.

To increase your resolve to stay sober this Halloween, you should think about a few things now:

  • Who will be there: Some of the worst temptations for people who are fighting alcohol addiction come from complete strangers who don’t know what they are going through. If you are going to a Halloween party, then you need to know who is going to be there. You might want to avoid any party that will have too many unfamiliar faces. The safest bet is to go to a party hosted and attended only by your friends who know not to offer you any alcohol, and who will check on you throughout the night.
  • When you will leave: Plan your party exit strategy now, so you don’t feel like you are lost or rushing things when it is time to leave. You can pre-decide that you will leave at a certain time in the night, for example. At 10:00 PM, you can cut off the night and go home. Or you can talk with the friends you are going with to devise a subtle sign that you need to go home soon if you get uncomfortable, like holding up an empty candy bucket.
  • What you will wear: Your Halloween costume can actually be your first line of defense against alcohol temptation. If your costume includes a full-faced or bulky mask, then it will be innately difficult for you to move it out of the way to eat and drink anything. By bothering yourself a little with an unusual costume, you could help yourself a lot in the long run.
  • How to refuse a drink: Knowing how to refuse a drink at a Halloween party is a must. Realistically, someone at a party is going to ask if you want “just one drink,” even if they know it isn’t healthy for you. People get lost in the party environment in this way. Talk to your friends now to brainstorm ways that you can say no. Another good sobriety hint while at a party is to carry a plastic cup around with you. When someone sees you holding a cup, they assume you already have a drink at the ready, so they will be less likely to ask you if you want one. They don’t need to know that your cup contains water or sweet tea.

Of course, the safest way to keep yourself sober from the temptations present at a Halloween party is to not go to a party at all. If your household needs someone to stay home and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters, then volunteer yourself. Many people love being the candy doorman on Halloween, so you might end up having more fun than you would at any party!

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