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Unexpected Depression Symptoms

Oftentimes, people who are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs are also struggling with some sort of mental health difficulty or disorder. When the two coincide, it is called a “dual diagnosis.” Among dual diagnoses, depression is seen quite often. If you are having difficulty stopping an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but you aren’t sure why, then it might be that you are experiencing unexpected or subtle symptoms of depression*.

Often overlooked symptoms of depression include:

  • Exhaustion: It is normal to feel tired after a busy or stressful day. But if you are feeling exhausted around the clock and on each calendar day, then there could be something other than just low energy levels happening. Many people who are depressed are often physically exhausted because they are unable to get any healthy and meaningful rest.
  • Foggy memory: Forgetfulness is another unexpected sign of depression that can be hard to pinpoint because forgetfulness itself can make you forget about it. If your family and friends have noticed that you keep losing your keeps, forgetting appointments, and so on, then it could be the first sign of mental health difficulty.
  • Impulsive shopping: When battling with feelings of depression, even subconscious feelings, many people will look to distract themselves however they can. A popular day-to-day distraction is shopping, so people with depression often impulse shop for all sorts of things, many of which they admit they do not even need. Impulsive shopping that jeopardizes your finances can worsen your mental health, too.
  • Unexplained pain: Mental health issues can manifest as physical pain due to psychosomatic connections, which are often subconscious. Bodily pain without any explanation could be caused by depression or anxiety. Lower back pain is especially common among people with depression.
  • Weight changes: Depression can alter your appetite and your metabolism. You might find yourself eating more or less than before, which can drop or spike your weight. While some weight fluctuation is natural, dramatic changes that happen within a few days or weeks could be concerning.

For help fighting substance addiction that might have its roots in a mental health difficulty like depression, you should seek a drug rehab center capable of dual diagnosis treatments. If you live in Georgia, then come to Mount Sinai Wellness Center. Start by contacting us online today to discuss our treatments and your options with a professional who cares about your future and wellbeing.

* Important note: This blog entry is not meant to imitate or replace a medical professional’s assistance and diagnosis. You should speak with your treating physician or therapist if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or believe you might have an undiagnosed mental health difficulty. If you need to speak to someone right away about dark or intrusive thoughts of self-harm, then please call the 24/7/365 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline from SAMHSA at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).