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Knitting needles and yarn

Household Hobbies to Fight Addiction

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction are terrible foes that nag on you in the quiet moments of the day, telling you to take another drink or hit. For this reason, many people who are undergoing addiction treatments often struggle the most when they are at home alone. If you’re in an addiction recovery program, then it is important to plan how you can combat the temptations of addiction while in your home, which could mean picking up some new hobbies.

Three popular in-home hobbies to help people stay on the path to sobriety are:

  • Baking: A bored mind is a tempted mind in many cases. To busy your mind with a fun – and sweet – challenge, you can take up baking. With all of the precise measurements in the average baking recipe, it can feel like math, which might not be excited at first. But as you start to get better and better at making your own bread at home, you will feel rewarded that you went through the trouble of figuring out the formula. Also, baking even a simple recipe can take hours, so there will be few opportunities to feel “bored” and tempted by your addiction.
  • Gardening: Another wonderful home hobby that can reward your tastebuds is gardening. This pastime is a great way to pass the time because a garden can require a lot of attention, especially if you intentionally plant various plants that need different soils, humidity levels, and watering schedules. If you don’t have a yard or patio for a garden, then you can look into getting a few in-home planters that let you set up a micro-garden in your bedroom or living room. Again, the goal is to keep you focused on something other than your addiction. You will find you don’t have too much free time to even feel tempted if you always have a plant that needs tending.
  • Knitting: If you are really looking for a fun yet challenging hobby to keep you on the path to sobriety, then you can take up knitting. As a hobby that involves your mind and hands in equal and constant measures, knitting is practically guaranteed to keep you busy. Knitting also lets you get others involved in your recovery in a hands-off way by gifting them the items you have knit. They will be excited about the gift and for what it represents.

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