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How to Say No to Workplace Drinking

Although most people are not allowed to drink on the job based on the rules, many workplaces are still willing to look the other way when people have a drink on their lunch break. Furthermore, plenty of employers encourage their employees to drink during off-the-clock get-togethers like company parties or team outings. For someone who is going through an alcohol addiction treatment program, going to work in places such as these can be a real problem.

Are you struggling to stay on the path to sobriety because your job keeps putting alcohol in front of you, either officially or unofficially? You are not alone. Countless people in all sorts of industries face the same difficulty each day. Most of them are able to clock out without any addiction slips, either. So can you. With some foresight, you can prepare yourself to say ‘no’ to alcohol at work.

Three things to keep in mind when refusing or resisting alcohol at work:

  • Projects: Staying busy at work is a good way to stay sober in your life. You can look for additional projects while you are in treatment if it helps keep you focused. Furthermore, when a coworker asks if you would like to have a drink, you can easily cite your projects as a reason to not drink. If your coworker knows the projects or tasks you are handling, and they know it is a lot of work to do, then they might be more inclined to understand your denial without prodding into your reasons why.
  • Schedule: Similarly, you need a good night’s rest to do your best at work. If you are scheduled to work the next day, then you can use that as a reason to not drink. Most employees instantly relate to someone saying they don’t want to have a drink because they need to work the next day. If you are working with people you can trust, then they should end that thread of the conversation there.
  • Different employment: If you are constantly feeling pressured to drink by your boss or coworkers, then it really cannot be a healthy work environment for you. The problem that many people face is that HR staff are usually reluctant to do anything about workplace drinking. They worry about the backlash it could cause if alcohol was entirely removed from the picture, so they do nothing or not enough to protect those who on-the-job drinking unsafe or unsavory. In such a situation, your only avenue to uphold your sobriety might be to seek employment elsewhere. This decision is not difficult, but, ultimately, your health is more important than your job.

At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, we help people throughout Georgia find and maintain sobriety. Our treatment programs are designed with each person’s unique needs in mind, such as showing them how to stay sober even when there are temptations in their work life. For more information, contact our clinic now.