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What Does the First Day of Rehab Look Like?

When thinking about fighting a drug or alcohol addiction head-on with the assistance of a professional rehab center, it is understandable if you feel a little intimidated. It takes courage to stand up and say that you need help. For some people, going to a new place and seeing new faces can make them uncomfortable, especially when the underlying subject matter is an addiction. But understanding what the first day of rehab looks like can help brush those fears and give you more confidence in yourself and your future.

Different First Days for Everyone

To begin, it is important to realize that your first day at an addiction recovery center could look fairly different from the next person’s. This is because every addiction center is unique, everyone who seeks addiction treatment unique, and the symptoms of a person’s addiction are unique. In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for recovery for these reasons and, therefore, there is no guarantee what your first day in rehab will look like. We just want to review the basic first day based on the average experience.

What Happens on Day One of Rehab?

There are three groundwork processes in the average first day of addiction rehab:

  1. Intake: Your addiction recovery center of choice can only help you if they understand you and your needs, which is why a thorough intake process is most commonly the first step on the first day of rehab. During intake, you should be given a chance to review handbooks and pamphlets about the recovery center’s programs and various treatments. You will also have a conversation with an intake specialist who will make notes about specific preferences, health needs, and areas of concern. You will probably also have the option to choose what programs you want to enroll in if you hadn’t done that remotely before intake. Lastly, your personal belongings will be cataloged and checked to ensure that there is nothing that could trigger a relapse. In rare cases, certain possessions may be stored securely in a separate location until you complete your rehab course.
  2. Medical evaluation: Not all but many people will also receive a medical evaluation during their first day in rehab. The medical evaluation will be completed by an on-staff or in-house nurse, who will conduct a general checkup to look for any immediate health concerns. A review of your relevant medical record and patient history may also be done to see if you need certain medications or specific types of care. The nurse might also have you fill out a questionnaire about any psychological or physiological concerns they should know about that aren’t stated elsewhere. The severer your addiction, the more thorough your medical evaluation will be.
  3. Settling in: The last step of day one in substance addiction rehab is just to settle in. You probably won’t have any programs to attend on the first day, so that you do not feel overwhelmed with new responsibilities. If you are staying at the facility, then you should be shown your room and board, so you can familiarize yourself with your temporary living space. If you aren’t staying at the facility overnight, then the settling-in process might include a tour of the grounds and meetings with key figures at the center, like the director or administrator.

Overall, the best way to know what to expect for your first day at rehab is to speak with a member of the recovery addiction center you wish to attend. They can give you a well-rounded idea of what happens and why. But, no matter what the first day looks like, please remember that it is an important first step to a healthier, happier tomorrow.

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