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Signs You’re Ready to Kick Drugs or Alcohol

Are you not sure whether you’re overindulging in substances? Maybe you simply light up a joint to take the edge off a stressful week, you take too many benzos and feel woozy and forget what you did the previous day, or you pregame before a party and regret the hangover that follows the next morning. Any of these actions are indications you might need to seek help for substance misuse or abuse. What might seem to be relatively innocent could be the start of something serious that will lead you down a path you won’t be able to control for long. Before it’s too late, consider kicking drugs or alcohol on your own. If you’re unable to do so on your own, there’s no shame in seeking help.

Do Drugs or Alcohol No Longer No Longer Bring You Joy?

If you’re simply popping pills, lighting up, or taking shots because it’s part of your routine or you have cravings, this is an indication you’re either self-medicating or developing a substance use disorder, especially if these actions once gave you a high or a feeling of euphoria and they no longer give you pleasure. Growing tolerance and the need to up your dose is another sign you are becoming dependent to the substance you are taking, whether it’s something as seemingly benign as the caffeine in coffee or as harmful as hardcore drugs like heroin.

Are Your Relationships Deteriorating?

It’s common for personal and professional relationships to crumble in the wake of drug or alcohol abuse. Some of the signs that indicate you should stop using substances include being told you have a problem, especially if you’re given clear examples of what you’ve done that caused a riff. If you and your significant other are estranged because of your drug or alcohol use, it could be more serious than something you can handle on your own and it could suggest that you might benefit from attending a drug and alcohol treatment center.

Do You Want Cut Back on Using Drugs or Alcohol, but Can’t?

If you have the desire to slow down or stop using substance but don’t do so, this shows you have significant difficult controlling your use of drugs and alcohol and definitely indicates a problem. If you’re in denial you have an addiction, this is one way you can confront yourself and take a good look at the situation and see that the situation has gotten out of hand and you need help to get sober and get your life back in your control.

Have Drugs or Alcohol Made You Feel Physically or Emotionally Unwell?

Even though it would seem like you know your body better than anyone else, it can be difficult to tell whether your physical or mental health is deteriorating. While experiencing a hangover is obviously painful and unpleasant, there are other symptoms of substance abuse that are much more subtle to detect. For example, do you get winded easily when you try to exercise even though you never used to? Is your libido affected by substance use? Do you become anxious or agitated when you don’t know when you’ll get your next hit or drink? These are all bad signs and show you are likely addicted.

Do You Need Helping Getting Clean? Contact Mount Sinai Wellness Center for Help Getting Sober.

It’s not easy coming to the conclusion that drugs or alcohol are holding you back in life, but you don’t have to let them control you forever. There is a better life waiting for you after you stop using. In fact, sobriety will help you break free from the chains of all the previously mentioned things that impair your daily life and impact every aspect of it. Don’t let substances take control of your very life.

Our drug and alcohol rehab facility, Mount Sinai Wellness Center, can help you see the value in a sober lifestyle and help you get there. To get in touch with our staff, please dial (800) 353-4673 or reach out online now.