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Jason Magistro

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Jason Magistro is a Licensed Professional Counselor that has been practicing as a psychotherapist at all levels of care. He has worked in acute care, where he supervised other master’s level clinician in a psychiatric emergency room, followed by working as a primary therapist in resident treatment facility working with adult males suffering from dual diagnosis. Throughout all his vast experiences, he has always maintained his private practice where he works with adult men and women, who also suffering from dual diagnosis. Jason has worked with everything from depression and anxiety to sociopathy, schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders.

Through his work with addiction patients, he has been actively formulating his own theory that addiction is a behavioral neurosis, an adjusted behavior that the core self creates in order to preserve the self’s vulnerability; namely, that addiction arises from unresolved emotional conflicts. Jason’s practice is grounded in the Humanistic school of thought, with a heavy influence in Existential and psychoanalytic methods. Like most CBT therapists, he uses the Socratic method amongst several other techniques to hone in on the location of the unresolved emotional conflict. Jason structures his group therapy by implementing the existential philosophy of being in the Here and Now. His main objective is to unite both the biological and medical theory that disease is an addiction with behavioral aspect that substance abuse is a behavioral adjustment.

In general, Jason hopes to navigate through the interpersonal structure of his clients for them both to observe, name and untangle the conflicts within. His expectation is that his clients begin the process of sobriety and emotional resolution with him, but continue to strive deeper into their core self by maintaining their sobriety in a setting where they can continue their work; namely, in an IOP program with a huge emphasis on sober living. When Jason isn’t hard at work practicing, you can find him on a trail hiking, mountain biking, or at the gym swimming laps. He is an avid gardener, a voracious reader of philosophy, and finds his most precious moments spending time with his parents, nieces, and nephews.