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How do I know if I’m ready to attend drug rehab?

Are you wondering if it’s time to go to rehab, but not sure? There is no specific “aha” indicator that it’s the right time to go, but the good news is that by beginning to realize that you might have a substance abuse problem, it could indicate you, in fact, do have an addiction. Realizing and accepting you can’t get clean on your own is challenging, especially because denial is a very common problem among those addicted to drugs or alcohol. By taking this important first step of admitting to yourself that things have spiraled out of control, you are starting to come to grips with your situation and take control back.

Signs You Are Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs and Could Benefit from Rehab

By taking an honest, unbiased look at your life, behaviors, and habits related to substance use, you can determine relatively easily whether you would benefit from rehab.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of addiction include:

  • Deteriorating physical health
  • Neglecting school, work, or family responsibilities
  • Devolving mental health state
  • Losing cherished relationships with friends or family
  • Struggling to function without substance use
  • Considering or trying to quit without success
  • Placing yourself or others at risk
  • Being told you have a problem by others

Why Should I Bother Going to Rehab?

You owe it to yourself to consider rehab, but you may not be aware why rehab is helpful for addicts. That may be because of the stigmas attached to rehab, such as those who consider rehab the last-ditch effort for hopeless addicts to get sober or that rehab isn’t effective. The truth is that drug and alcohol the philosophy of a good rehabilitation center is that it will help those with substance use disorder gain perspective and control when they’ve lost it and to encourage them to seek enjoyment in their lives again without the need to rely on drugs or alcohol as a crutch to do so. Rehab won’t hammer you over the head with the idea that you’re an addict or a lost cause; rather, it will help you see that you are able to achieve things you might not have realized once you have improved physical and mental health without your mind and body tainted with substances.

What if I’m Intimidated About Going to Rehab?

Many of those who voluntarily make the decision to attend rehab have apprehensions about going, especially about leaving their substance of choice in the past and leaving their loved ones and everything familiar to them behind. The sense of fear and unease, not to mention shame and mortification of accepting the need to go to rehab, is difficult. You might be going back and forth on whether you should go – or even need to go – to rehab.

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