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Georgia Veterans Program

Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Specifically for Veterans
A close up photo of an unrecognizable mid adult female soldier as she puts her hands together and leans forward in her seat. She is talking with an unrecognizable female counselor. Mount Sinai Wellness Center proudly salutes and thanks the brave men and women who are Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Your service means so much to us, which is why Mt. Sinai Wellness Center is dedicated to helping Veterans recover from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. We are excited to announce that we are credentialed as a provider in the VA’s Care in the Community Network. Our program is designed specifically to help Veterans who are struggling substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health conditions.

For more information, please call (800) 353-4673 now. We’re here to support you.

Serving Veterans with VA Benefits as a Member of the VA Community Care Network

Mt. Sinai Wellness Center collaborates with local VA facilities and centers to provide quality substance use disorder and dual diagnosis treatment when called upon by VA to serve.. Our Veterans Program is tailored to be highly effective for Veterans who often have unique addiction triggers. All Community Care Network (CCN) care is delivered at no cost to veterans referred by the VA. How Veterans can receive help for substance use disorder at Mt. Sinai Wellness Center:
  1. Referral: Veterans must contact their local VA facility to schedule a consultation. The VA agent will determine if you are eligible to receive a community care referral to Mount Sinai’s Veterans Program. The greater Atlanta region has several VA centers. You can find the one nearest to you by clicking here and visiting the official VA website. If a Veteran needs assistance determining which VA facility to contact, Mt. Sinai Wellness Center can assist. Additionally, if a Veteran or Veteran family member requires assistance in contacting the VA for support please call the phone number listed above.
  2. Connection: After receiving a community care referral from the VA, Veterans can begin treatment at Mt. Sinai Wellness Center. When you arrive at Mount Sinai Wellness Center, you will meet one-on-one with our team who will tailor a personal treatment plan.
  3. Treatment: Once your personal treatment plan is created, you can begin treatment at Mount Sinai Wellness Center. You will be supported by all members of our staff throughout the recovery process, so you never feel alone or rushed. Treatment is delivered in a “veteran centric” manner, with staff being trained in and able to address the specific issues veterans face.
  4. Aftercare and improvement: We set you up to stay on the path to lasting sobriety after your addiction treatment concludes at our recovery center by actively collaborating with your care team at the VA to be sure that you have access to care without interruption.
  5. Features of Our Veteran Treatments
Mount Sinai Wellness Center gives Veterans the tools and support they need to put active addiction in full remission. While completing one of our Veterans Programs for addiction recovery, your daily schedule might include one-on-one counseling sessions, skill-building exercises, group therapy to remind you that you are not alone in the struggle of addiction, exercise, nutrition planning, private relaxation time, and various recreational activities to keep you engaged and energized. Veteran Program features and treatments could include: Your case will be managed by our team to eliminate administrative and paperwork roadblocks so you can focus on recovery.

Understanding & Acknowledging Trauma

Part of your rehab journey at Mt. Sinai will include tools and supports to manage both your addiction and any mental health difficulties – post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, etc. – that coincide with or worsen addiction.

Outcomes of Our Veterans Program

With our Veterans Program, you can attain these outcomes:
  • Improved health: When you fully attain the objective of Recovery and stay committed to sobriety afterward, your overall health will improve.
  • Regained control: Many Veterans who are struggling with substance addictions say that they feel like they have lost control of their lives. As a military service member, you know the importance of maintaining control of a situation. When you take charge and enter our Veterans Program, you will enjoy regained control of your life and decisions.
  • Repaired relationships: Some of the greatest pain of addiction is the pain addiction causes your loved ones. We are here to help you support you as you find ways to repair relationships.
  • Affordability: All CCN care is delivered at no cost to Veterans referred by the VA.

Veteran Substance Use Disorder Statistics

You do not have to face addiction alone. Not only are we here to support you, but many of your brothers- and sisters-in-arms are in the same addiction battle, and we will help you navigate a way to find support by connecting with other veterans in recovery. Quick statistics about Veteran substance use disorder:
  • Nearly two-thirds of Veterans who are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are also diagnosed with substance use disorder (SUD).
  • Roughly one-in-ten Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan will experience substance use disorder symptoms in varying degrees.
  • About 20% of Veteran deaths caused by high-risk behavior (such as speeding or drunk driving) were caused by substance misuse.
  • Substance use disorder precedes at least 30% of Veteran suicides.

Help is Here – Please Call Now

From all of us at Mount Sinai Wellness Center in Georgia, we believe that every military service member deserves a bright, positive future. When alcohol addiction or drug addiction is standing between you and your better tomorrow, stand up to it with our support. We have top physicians and clinicians, a beautiful campus set on 43 acres of wilderness, comfortable living quarters that make you feel at home, and much more. We have your back and can show you the right path to move forward. You have bravely served our country, so let us show our thanks by providing outstanding addiction treatment services that prioritize your recovery.

Dial (800) 353-4673 at any time and ask how to get started with our Veterans Program.

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