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Family Program

Family involvement is often an important part of the recovery process. When the residential phase of your treatment is over, it’s helpful to have a support system who will encourage your recovery once you return home.
At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, there are multiple opportunities for the family to be integrated into the treatment process. We have a structured family program that will help your family learn more about the struggles of addiction and what they can do to help you overcome it.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mount Sinai family program, call us at (800) 353-4673. Our addiction treatment center sees patients from all over the United States and Georgia.

Family Involvement
At Mt Sinai Wellness Center, we firmly believe that an emotionally stable family, well-educated on matters of addiction, is the best support someone in early recovery can have. To help make this a reality, we offer a weekly Zoom session for families with just this goal in mind.
Our weekly family Zoom sessions make it possible for family members all over the country to be able to speak with a therapist from Mt Sinai, as well as interact with other family members of past and current clients. Each session begins with a brief informative lecture given by a licensed therapist on topics such as Medication Assisted Treatment, Mistaken Beliefs about Recovery and Relapse, PAWS, Co-Addiction and Enabling, Boundaries and Self Care, The Importance of Aftercare, and The Relapse Prevention Plan. After the lecture, we open the floor to questions about any topic. We delve into expectations after treatment, what a typical day in treatment is like, and how family can best support a loved one through early recovery and beyond. New families are encouraged to speak with others who have walked in their shoes, and to realize that they are not alone. The therapist is familiar with the routine and processes at Mt Sinai as well as the individual client and is able to answer most questions a family might have.
The therapist facilitating the family group also acts as a liaison to the treatment team, and is happy to provide an email address for additional support, since many times questions come up after the session is over. Weekly lecture notes and a Family Reading List are also offered to anyone interested. The therapist/facilitator is happy to reach out to others involved in the client’s treatment when requested by family, and is able to make recommendations on continuing care, referrals for family therapy, or just answer general questions.
Our online family sessions are an ongoing source of support for families, not just while their loved one is in treatment, but afterward as well. There’s no time limit on participation, and we love to see familiar faces. The weekly family Zoom sessions are held at 12 noon EST, every Wednesday.
Weekly sessions that begin with an informative/educational lecture on a rotating selection of topics:
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Mistaken Beliefs about Recovery and Relapse
  • PAWS
  • Co-Addiction and Enabling
  • Boundaries and Self Care
  • The Importance of Aftercare
  • The Relapse Prevention Plan
Keeping Families in the Loop
At your request, we will keep family members updated on the status of your recovery. To help them feel more involved, we host family therapy sessions where all of you can meet and talk about the process. Family members will also be provided with resources for family support in their community, and educational resources to help them better understand the disease of addiction and recovery process.
Call (800) 353-4673 to speak with a compassionate member of the Mount Sinai staff today.

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