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Opiate Detox in Georgia

A Brief Background of Opiate Addiction
Opiates refer to the chemicals that interact with opiate receptors on nerve cells to reduce the intensity of pain signals. Due to their sedative effects, users often turn to opiates for a source of relief from the issues that life brings or to help cope with mental illness. Opiate addiction has become so prevalent in the United States that most of us know someone who is impacted by it. In fact, the CDC has classified the disease as an epidemic due to the high death rates of those who suffer from it. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

About Our Medical Detox Center

For those who seek addiction treatment, before any healing can begin, the first phase often entails a detox. Because of the physical dependency that opiates cause users to experience, stopping use in an unsupervised environment can be dangerous. The discomfort of “quitting cold turkey” is one of the reasons that many feel trapped in their addiction. Gastrointestinal issues, lung problems, cold flashes and uncontrolled leg movements are a few examples of the health conditions that may occur as side effects of withdrawal. We know these symptoms are not pleasant, and we believe in providing the highest level of support to those experiencing them. That’s why our skilled addiction medicine specialists are here to help those who suffer with addiction detox safely and get on the path to recovery. We keep up with the latest research to ensure that our patients’ recovery is as successful as possible.

How Does an Opiate Detox Work?

There are several ways that detoxing from opiates can happen. For one, we offer medications that are specifically designed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This form of treatment is called Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT. The most commonly recognized medication is Narcan, which can prevent or even reverse an opiate overdose. Other examples include Suboxone®, which provides a way for users to taper their heroin exposure without experiencing a high and Vivitrol®, which blocks opiate receptors to help decrease cravings.

Benefits of Seeking Medical Assistance for an Opiate Detox

  • A source of kindness and understanding.
Going through withdrawal can feel scary and overwhelming, so nobody should have to do it alone. At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, it is not only our job to help; it is our purpose and our passion. We view addiction just like any other illness, and we are medical professionals equipped to care for it with the upmost level of understanding. This means that those who seek treatment from us will not receive judgment, but will receive the support and tools necessary to get them to a healthy place and stay in one.
  • A safer detox.
As mentioned previously, detoxification of opiates can be dangerous if not handled properly. The side effects that come with withdrawal are no walk in the park, either. As unpleasant as detoxing can be, we know that escaping drug abuse is the most rewarding experience for our patients because it means they get to take back their lives. We will help them do so in the safest way possible, with close monitoring from medical professionals who can offer help if symptoms become too painful. The pain is temporary, but the freedom our patients can experience afterwards is boundless.
  • A clear path to long-term success.
Whether a person struggling with addiction opts to seek treatment for their detox or not, their decision to stop using is powerful and commendable. Oftentimes, though, when a treatment program is not in place, the person in recovery has no clear direction or sense of what led them to abuse in the first place. At Mount Sinai Wellness, we will get to the root of the addiction and instill a sense of routine, purpose and pride in our patients so they feel good when they are here, and hopeful about where they are going.

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