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Our Care Team Is Here to Help You Make It Through Cocaine Withdrawal
Those who enter an addiction treatment program while battling the severe symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are much more likely to drop out and go back to using. This science is just one of the facts guiding our detox team at Mt. Sinai Wellness Center. As a medical detox center and a home for holistic addiction treatment, we care about giving patients all the support they need to curb their substance use. It’s not easy to decide to quit—and for those who make this courageous decision, we believe you deserve everything we can give to help you follow through. Slowing down from the ecstatic high caused by cocaine is a difficult experience, and one many users can’t make it through on their own. This doesn’t mean anything bad about you as a person. It just means you need help. Our detox and addiction treatment programs are here to help you reset your body to a healthy place, then work to understand and overcome the issues that lead to your cocaine use. If you are ready for a change, we’re here to help—so make the commitment to start new with our Georgia cocaine detox program.

Contact the Mt. Sinai Wellness Center team at (800) 353-4673 if you are interested in pursuing treatment for yourself or a loved one. Our caring and qualified team is here to answer your questions.

The Prevalence of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug that has been a problem in the United States for decades. Popular in the party scene, this powdery-white substance is derived from the coca leaf native to South America and is federally classified as a Schedule II drug. According to the 2019 National Survey of Drug Use and Health, 5.5 million people in the United States reported having used cocaine in the past year. Of these people surveyed, 778,000 reported having used crack cocaine, a more concentrated form of the drug during the same period. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that 15,883 people died of overdoses involving cocaine this same year. This is why it is critical for you to seek help at our cocaine detox center as soon as possible if you are struggling with an addiction to cocaine.

What Cocaine Does to Users

One of the reasons coming down from cocaine is so difficult is because your brain chemistry will adapt when it’s regularly exposed to the substance. For example, though cocaine induces the brain to create more glutamate (which can cause neurons to become over-excited), it also affects the brain’s stress response. Therefore, feelings of stress can trigger a user to crave cocaine, and each instance of use reinforces this desire. Cocaine can also cause harmful changes to the brain, interfering with the part that is responsible for decision-making. Cocaine comes with a small risk of sudden death among users, but most get stuck in an addiction cycle because using cocaine makes the brain more sensitive to the chemical interactions it induces. As cocaine use becomes more frequent, a user’s tolerance will rise; at the same time, their body’s sensitivity to the negative impacts of the drug also increases. While someone who uses regularly needs more cocaine to maintain their high, each use (especially at an increased dosage) comes with a higher risk of adverse effects. Cocaine can injure everything from the respiratory system to the gastrointestinal tract to the heart. Long-term users are at a higher risk for strokes, seizures, brain bleeds, and degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Making the decision to stop using cocaine not only prevents short-term adverse effects (like job loss and financial difficulties)—it could save your life.

Making It Through Cocaine Withdrawal

While cocaine withdrawal is not as dangerous as coming down from other substances, medical oversight can ensure a patient’s safety (and also their adherence to a detox plan). Especially when mixed with other substances, cocaine can seriously threaten a user’s life. Our medical detox center provides constant oversight, with doctors ready to intervene should any patient’s vitals show signs of distress. Usually, once patients make it to us, they are stable—but they are also facing the hard task of coming down from whatever substance(s) they are using, hopefully for the last time. The withdrawal symptoms exhibited by habitual cocaine users may vary, but they are both physical and mental:
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression and sadness
  • Lack of enjoyment/pleasure in life
  • Difficulty sleeping and/or vivid and unpleasant dreams
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Excessive sleepiness/difficulty staying awake
  • Cravings for cocaine
Symptoms may start to appear after a few hours and can last for weeks or even months. Part of the reason it’s so difficult to quit cocaine is that the cravings linger, even after a successful recovery.

Dangers of Quitting Cocaine “Cold Turkey”

While cocaine may have a less-pronounced physical dependence than other illicit substances, quitting “cold turkey” can still be dangerous. Abruptly stopping cocaine without medical supervision can cause your body to experience a variety of serious and sometimes life-threatening symptoms. In many cases, this discomfort will cause a person to immediately turn back to using the drug. Quitting suddenly can also cause your body to quickly lose its tolerance, leading to a higher risk of overdose if you relapse and take your usual dose of the drug. Our medical staff will monitor you during the withdrawal process and will provide the nutrition, hydration, and comfort you need to manage your symptoms.

We’re Here to Assist with Your Cocaine Detox

Give yourself the best chance of quitting for good by choosing a medical detox and comprehensive cocaine rehabilitation program that will provide the all-around support you need during this long and challenging process. Detoxing is never easy, and especially after using cocaine, the real world may seem slower and less exciting. However, your brain can recover and reshape itself, so you won’t continue to need a high to find enjoyment in life. A different way is possible, and we are here to help you find it.
Reach out to Mt. Sinai Wellness Center right now at (800) 353-4673 to learn about our safe and effective cocaine detox program in Georgia. We want to help you or your loved one navigate a successful recovery.

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