Mount Sinai Wellness Center

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson

Chief Executive Officer


With a history of 23 years as a seasoned Senior Executive in the field of mental health, I take immense pride in my role within an exceptional organization dedicated to meeting clients precisely where they stand on their path to recovery. Drawing upon my extensive background in serving this community, I orchestrate the assembly of a dynamic team of leaders, poised to provide unparalleled care. My journey has been defined by a consistent ability to conceptualize visionary goals, rally talented staff, and propel these aspirations into reality, all the while nurturing the organization’s distinctive ethos.

My tenure has granted me a profound grasp of recruitment and retention strategies for pivotal leadership figures whose values seamlessly harmonize with the organization’s mission. It is indeed a blessing to collaborate with the remarkable staff here at Mt. Sinai, and I consider myself privileged to be an integral part of this collective endeavor.

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