Mount Sinai Wellness Center


Sara Sayre

Director of Clinical Outreach


Sara has been with Mt Sinai for over 5 years. She is from New York. She went to Syracuse University and Castleton University. She excelled in international sales, public speaking, and admissions for over 20 years. Sara traveled all over the United States and Canada, working with others that needed motivation to excel in their life. She helped create and develop a curriculum that focuses on healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, life, skills, and coping skills. Sara has spent most of her life working where she is helping people and bringing them back to the person they deserve to be. She is an expert public speaker and team executive. Sara has a passion for guiding others on their recovery journey. She is in a long-time recovery herself.  Sara is also a breast cancer survivor and advocates for early detection. Outside of business, Sara is proud to say she has a son, a husband, and 3 rescue dogs:( Scarlett, Phoenix, and Fin)

She loves anything involving water, interior design, meditation, prayer, and muscle cars. Sara believes that miracles happen on Mount Sinai mountain. 


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