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Enjoying Summer Sobriety

Tips on How to Enjoy Summer Gatherings While Keeping a Sober Lifestyle

The summer months can be challenging for people in recovery from substance abuse. There are more opportunities to drink or use drugs, and social pressure may be higher. However, there are many ways to enjoy summer gatherings while staying sober. Here are some tips to consider.

Plan Ahead

If you know you will be attending a party or other gathering where there will be alcohol or drugs, plan ahead. Have a conversation with a trusted friend or family member about your goals for staying sober, and ask them to help you stick to your plan. If possible, arrive early or stay late so you can avoid the temptation of being around people who are using drugs or drinking alcohol.

Bring Your Own Beverages

If you are attending a party or other gathering where alcohol will be served, bring your own non-alcoholic beverages. This way, you will have something to drink if you start to feel tempted to drink alcohol.

Focus on Your Sobriety Goals

Remind yourself of your sobriety goals before attending a party or gathering. This will help you stay focused on why you are avoiding drugs and alcohol. If you start to feel tempted, think about how using drugs or drinking alcohol would impact your goals.

Talk to Other Sober People

If you know other sober people, reach out to them before attending a party or gathering. Talking to someone who understands what you are going through can help you stay motivated to stay sober.

Find a Sober Activity to Do

There are many sober activities you can do during the summer months. Find an activity that you enjoy and make plans to do it with friends or family members. This can help you stay busy and distracted from thoughts of using drugs or drinking alcohol.

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