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Recognizing triggers for those with substance addiction

Recovery from substance addiction is not entirely complete once a person leaves their treatment program. On the contrary, recovery is a life-long process in which a person must actively work to maintain their sobriety and live an overall healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are just beginning your journey toward recovery or you’ve been sober for years, there are still certain things that could tempt you to use again. In order to avoid risking your sobriety, it’s important to recognize triggers for those with substance addiction.

Understanding Substance Abuse Triggers


Especially once they are in recovery, it’s essential to keep company that will have a positive impact on your sobriety. If you surround yourself with those who remind you of using drugs or alcohol or even encourage you to do so, it can put your recovery at risk. These people can include:

  • Those who don’t support your sobriety

  • Those whom you have conflict with

  • Former dealers


Your brain can associate certain locations with drug or alcohol use, triggering a desire to use. While some of these places are unavoidable, such as your home or place of work, others can be avoided until you feel comfortable being there without getting the urge to use substances. These can include:

  • Bars and clubs

  • Hotels

  • Certain friends’ homes

  • Concerts and festivals


There are often certain situations when you feel stressed or weary and would formally respond by drinking or drugs. In order to maintain your sobriety, it’s essential to be self-aware in recognizing what situations trigger your urge to use and work towards being able to be present in those scenarios without wanting to indulge. Common situations can include:

  • Family gatherings.

  • Meeting new people.

  • Chaotic or stressful work environments

  • Solitary time at home

  • Sexual encounters

Addressing Substance Abuse in Georgia

If you never take the time to address the factors that led to your addiction, then it is highly likely that a relapse will occur. At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, we help our patients develop strategies for fighting negative thoughts and temptations that lead to substance use.