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Do I have to stop spending time with certain people in recovery?

Recovering from substance addiction means asking a lot of yourself. Physically, you’re asking your body to heal after the damage it sustained from prolonged substance use; mentally, you’re changing how you address the underlying conditions that led to your addiction.

Recovery also asks that you take a look at the company you were keeping while you were using, and reevaluate if those same people are beneficial to your sobriety and growth. In the end, recovery can have you wondering if you have to stop spending time with certain people.

Considering the Company You Keep During Addiction Recovery

While it would be ideal to be able to spend time with the same friends and colleagues once you’re in recovery from substance addiction, that is not always the best idea. In fact, there are often some people whose presence in your life can be entirely counterproductive to your recovery.

Those Who are Counterproductive to Recovery

Unfortunately, as well as you may have gotten along with them, certain people are not the best company to keep in recovery. These can include:

  • Those who provided you with drugs or alcohol

  • Those who also struggle with addiction

  • Those who enabled your addiction through financial, physically, or emotional means

  • Those with whom you have continuous discord

  • Those who still encourage you to use

While it can be difficult, it’s best to create distance between yourself and these people so you can have a more successful recovery journey.

Those Who Are Helpful to Your Recovery

Other people are very beneficial to have around while you’re in recovery, as they can help keep you on track and provide you with emotional and mental support. These can include:

  • Family members and friends who encouraged you to seek help to begin with

  • Those who encourage you to go to meetings and keeping up with recovery therapy

  • Those who provide you with alternative social activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol

  • Those who generally support your recovery

Setting New Standards for Addiction Treatment in Georgia

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