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End of year sobriety resolution check-in

At the end of the year, people in addiction recovery programs for drugs or alcohol often make New Year’s Resolutions regarding their recovery plan for the next year. But what most people don’t do is check on their current resolutions to see how many were completed. More importantly, people should check on their resolutions for the purpose of seeing how many can still be completed before the year ends.

Many New Year’s Resolutions are recurring challenges to oneself. For example, you might have resolved to exercise several times a week to help keep your mind off addiction cravings. If you didn’t keep that resolution, then you can’t go back and suddenly make up all the time lost. But you can start right now to do what you intended to all year. Why not make today the day you start exercising more often?

The point is that there is no need to wait until next year and the next set of resolutions to do what you think is better for your sobriety and overall health. December – even the last weeks of December – are part of the year. If you complete or begin a resolution from the end of last year in those weeks, then you still succeeded in that resolution!

As it is with addiction recovery, your frame of mind is important for New Year’s Resolutions. If you have pre-decided that you have failed, then succeeding will become all the more difficult. But if you go into the situation thinking that you have succeeded before so you can again, then you give yourself a much better chance of staying on course and attaining the goals you have set for yourself.

Our team from Mount Sinai Wellness Center wishes you lasting and comfortable sobriety during the new year. We encourage you today to look at your past resolutions and see what you can change for the better before you dive into next year’s resolutions. You might be surprised to find what you’re capable of when you put your mind to it, even if you have only a little bit of time to accomplish things.

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