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Starting Spring Semester: Sobriety Tips for the College Student

Having Fun While Staying Sober

Heading into the Spring semester after winter break can seem daunting, but it may be even more so for a college student on a recovery journey. There are a large number of addiction triggers on college campuses, from the stress of classes, to the prevalence of drugs and alcohol, to the levels of peer pressure one may encounter.

Teens and young adults are already at a higher risk for substance abuse, which could be amplified in a college campus setting. In fact, as stated by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately nine percent of college students throughout the United States struggle with an alcohol use disorder.

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Support Systems Matter

There is a large emphasis placed on support systems during the recovery process. Knowing which friends, family members, peer groups, and other organizations nourish your recovery goals is important to maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free life.

It’s also important to identify who may not be the best company for you during your recovery journey, and to set meaningful boundaries with those people as a way to protect the integrity of your sobriety goals.

Sobriety Can Be Exciting

It may seem near impossible at times to find fun activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol as a college student. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself while remaining sober – you may just have to find alternative activities for entertainment.

By bringing your own tasty (non-alcoholic) drinks to events, surrounding yourself with other sober people, and/or partaking in new hobbies, you can live a full and rewarding life without drugs or alcohol. You may even find after a while that addictive cravings begin to cease once you realize you’re able to have fun without substances.

It’s Possible – and You Can Do It

Despite how difficult it may seem at times, it is possible to stay sober in college. Keeping this thought in the back of your mind may be the motivation you need to keep going during stressful situations and triggers. Having a health plan in mind could be helpful for making sure you stay on track with both your sobriety and academic goals.

You don’t have to struggle with your addiction during your college years. At Mount Sinai Wellness Center, we’re here to help you discover the beauty of recovery. To inquire about our rehab programs, give us a call at (800) 353-4673 today.